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Available in 8 different scents Pipe Tobacco, Bog Cotton, Winter Fireside, Summer Meadow, Mountain Heather, Atlantic Storm, Ancient Forest and Home for Christmas

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Pipe Tobacco – Memories of long childhood evenings listening to Grandads tales of days gone by. The scent of sweet pipe tobacco.

Bog Cotton -Reminiscent of fresh September days in the boglands of the Inagh Valley. The scent of fresh linen.

Winter Fireside – Coming in out of the cold and rain on a winters day, to a roaring open fire. The scent of turf and cedarwood, spruce and woodsmoke.

Summer Meadow – Long hot summer days lying in the fresh cut grass gazing at the clear blue skies. The scent of Fresh cut grass and peony.

Mountain Heather – Brisk windy days climbing Diamond Mountain in the heart of Connemara National Park. The scent of heather and oakmoss. 

Atlantic Storm – Strolling along the wind swept beach the morning after a wild atlantic storm. The scent of the ocean and driftwood.

Ancient Forest – Strolling through the ancient silent forest paths of our ancestors in Ballynahinch. The scent of spruce and cedarwood, oakmoss and sandalwood.

Home for Christmas – Presents wrapped, family together, stories, laughter, hugs, excitement, the Christmas tummy fuzzies. The scent of sweet oranges and spicy cloves.


The Classic Collection was inspired by my Connemara Childhood. When my Grandad passed away some years ago, I recreated the smell of his pipe in a candle, and Rowan Beg Designs was born. All the scents I have designed in this collection are inspired by memories of my quintessentially Irish childhood. Home is everything. The perfect gift for anyone who is missing home, or missing Connemara.. We use sustainably sourced high quality fragrance oils.

We use glass test tubes with aluminium lids and are package free and PLASTIC FREE. Our refills are designed to be recycled. We also use augeo and high quality fragrance oils. 3 sola reeds and 3 regular reeds.

Diffuser refills: 60ml. 20% fragrance. Last up to 3 months


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Ancient Forest, Atlantic Storm, Bog Cotton, Home for Christmas, Mountain Heather, None, Pipe Tobacco, Summer Meadow, Winter Fireside

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