“An ode to the gingers that make up my world”

“An ode to the gingers that make up my world”

An ode to the amazing Gingers that make up my world!

NEW RELEASE: The Smell of Christmas Gingerbread candle

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Summer has left us and I’m okay with that. The days are getting shorter and the evenings longer.

The tourists are all leaving and our little patch of the world is getting quiet again. Life slows down just a little bit around this time of the year.

I am known in my family as the cardigan queen so Autumn means I can dust off my impressive collection of cardigans and cosy up.

It is my favourite season of the year (apart from Christmas).
Here at Rowan Beg, we start working on Christmas scents in the Summer, so by the time Autumn hits, we are well prepared.

We always like to add a little something new each season and this year we have decided to do a limited edition Gingerbread candle.

We have spent the past few months getting samples from our scent suppliers and testing here in the studio.

There is a lot of behind the scenes that needs to happen before we can release a new scent.

It all takes time and patience but we have got there. The smell of this candle is incredible.

It is everything a winter candle should be and so much more and we are all so excited to share it with you.

As a small business owner, I never stop working and thinking and obsessing about the business. This
almost always means every conversation in our house somehow revolves around candles, which
drives my family nuts. So, as I am married to a ginger, my youngest is a ginger, even my dog is a
ginger, what better way to show my appreciation to them for putting up with me than to release a
Gingerbread candle. The smell of Christmas this year.

They are my world and my reason for doing all of this.

Our Gingerbread candle is part of a Christmas gift set along with our Orange Spice candle. They will
be available exclusively through our website between now and December and are the perfect gift for you or your loved ones.

Who doesn’t want their house to smell like warm fresh baked Gingerbread and Orange Spice? It’s like walking into a Christmas wonderland.
To celebrate this new release, we are running a competition over on our Instagram page. Be sure to
head on over and enter and you can be in with a chance to have the best smelling house this Christmas.
Don’t forget to raise a glass to all the other Gingers out there!!!

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